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Produce Music deadlines

J24 intake

  • Final cut-off to enrol: 1st June, 2024.


Perform Live deadline

2024 intake cutoff: 21st June, 2024.


Release Music deadline

2024 intake cutoff: 7th August, 2024.

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Produce Music

J24 intake cut-off: 1st June, 2024.

S24 intake cut-off: 7th September, 2024.

N24 intake cut-off: 23rd November, 2024.


Perform Live deadline

2024 intake cutoff: 21st June, 2024.


Release Music deadline

2024 intake cutoff: 7th August, 2024.

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Release your music and grow your fanbase.

Launch your artist project, assemble your team and learn music business under the guidance of music industry professionals.

This 12-week short course is designed to equip emerging artists and music entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to establish and manage their business, develop multiple revenue streams, build professional networks, create a strong brand identity, and successfully launch their music projects.

Learn from: industry professionals at Spotify, TikTok, Triple J, major labels, indie music labels, label services companies, artist managers, successful self-released / self-managed artists and more.


21st August 2024 to 6th November 2024.

(12 x Wednesday evenings)


Attendance mode

One online class per week.

Move forward with a dedicated community of artists, producers, learners and industry connections in live online classes.



  • Music: Two self-produced songs that are ready to release. If you’re unsure, we’ll be happy to take a listen and advise you.
  • Equipment: A computer capable of running the latest version of Zoom so you can join the live classes.


This course is for

Producers, artists or managers looking to successfully launch music, navigate the music industry, build a team and grow their fanbase.


For more info book a chat with a Liveschool course advisor

For timetables, pricing and enrolment visit the Release Music registrations page.


Find your audience and get your music heard by them

For artists the new challenge is making yourself heard above all the noise. In an era of user-friendly online platforms and social media, discovering new music is now easier than ever, which means it’s also equally easy for anyone to upload their songs.

  1. Holistic Development: As you progress through the classes, you’ll not only achieve mastery the business aspects of the music industry, but also take your finished songs to market, start growing your fanbase, and assemble the right team for your project, whether that be a label, management, or other types of support. You’ll make industry connections, create a plan for how to monetise your music and music skills. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded skill set to hone your unique brand, strategy and market presence.
  2. Personal Mentorship: throughout the course are personal advisory sessions where you can get feedback on your release plan and team strategy and receive personal guidance for refinement.
  3. Grand Finale – Release Day: The course culminates in a release day, a celebratory showcase where each participant launches their release/s. It’s not just a conclusion but a testament to your growth and creativity during the course.

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Optimised for maximum learning results, your training is a blend of the following formats:

  • Class weeks: hands-on learning with expert industry members in groups of 10 students.
  • Mentorship: 1-to-1 personal guidance when preparing your release.
  • Study sessions: at-home assignments to progress towards your release.
  • Industry Masterclasses: with specialists from leading music release and promotional platforms.
  • Artist Support: our team is on-call full time for creative feedback or technical assistance.

This course is delivered exclusively online.

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What skills or experience do I need to have before taking this course?

  • You must also have at least 2 completed songs, ready to release. Specifically we recommend these first release to NOT be your top tracks.
  • If you’re unsure about your readiness, please reach out to our team. We are more than willing to help assess your music and guide you on the right path.


Do I need to buy anything before I start the course?

The only requirement is a computer capable of running the Zoom meetings software. For details view Zoom system requirements


What happens if I can’t make it to class?

We offer flexible options:

  1. Access detailed study resources at home if you miss a session.
  2. Discounted one-to-one sessions are available for in-person catch-ups.
  3. Join a waitlist to retake the session at a later date.

Are Instalment Plans Available?

Yes, instalment plans are available. Start with a simple deposit followed by affordable monthly payments. For more detail visit the Release Music registrations page.


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