Student Discounts


Students of the following Liveschool courses are eligible for special discount pricing on Ableton Live software, or software bundled with Ableton Push hardware:

  • Produce Music
  • Create & Destroy
  • Focus on Mixing & Mastering
  • Focus on Sound Design
  • Focus on Music Theory
  • Focus on Arrangements

The savings is up to 40% off, and varies depending on which products you purchase.


Purchase via Liveschool

Items can be purchased directly from Liveschool, and is by far the fastest and easiest option.


Note: Liveschool does not operate a delivery service.

  • Software can be emailed if you can’t collect
  • Boxes (such as Push) are pick-up at Liveschool only.

If this presents a problem for you, then there are 2 other options. Please note that any additional Liveschool offers (such as free Push course) will not apply…


Purchase via or local Retailers

Please read all the instructions below. There is always a delay in accessing your discount because online orders require you to verify your student identity and store-bought orders always require a special order to be placed with the local distributor.

In all cases this can take between 48 hours to one week. Please allow adequate time before your course starts. If your course starts sooner than your order is expected to arrive then please install the Free 30 Day Trial of Ableton Live or contact us immediately to arrange for a laptop to be available to you during your first class (subject to availability).

Option A:

Purchase via Ableton retailers in Australia (recommended for purchases including Ableton Push, for local warranty purposes). 

Step 1. Click here to find your nearest retailer >>

Step 2. Contact the retailer and tell them you want to purchase an Education Edition of the software (the product is no different, only the pricing).

  • It is best to call ahead before visiting the store, as they need to get Live shipped in.
  • Retailers can only sell boxed versions of Ableton Live (not downloads) which include printed manuals and physical discs. This accounts for the difference between retail and online pricing. Ableton’s online pricing shows download pricing unless you opt to “add a box to your order” before purchasing.

Step 3. Provide the retailer with your Liveschool receipt plus a valid photo ID either in person or via fax.

Step 4. Wait (usually a day or two)

Step 5. The retailer will contact you to say it has arrived.

Step 6. Start using Live!


Option B:

Online via the Ableton Web Shop (note: local customs duties and GST are not included in pricing quoted online)

Step 1. Click here to go to the education shop at >>

Step 2. Decide which version of the Ableton Live software you would like purchase & if you would like a ‘Push’ instrument or not.

Step 3. Important: You will now be able to download your software but won’t have full access to it until Ableton verify your educational version (next step).

Step 4. Verify your EDU status: after you’ve placed your order, Ableton’s shop system will automatically route you to the page where you will need to attach your verification documents. For this you will require a “Confirmation of Enrolment” letter from Liveschool.

Step 5. Wait (usually a day or two).

Step 6. Ableton will then verify you as a student and email you.

Step 7. You will now be able to authorise & use Live.