Laura Jane Lowther

Name: Laura Jane Lowther

Aka: Kučka

Labels: Columbia Records, Franchise Player, Nite High, Midnight Feature

Producer, writer, singer, sound-designer, performer and multi-media artist, the description of KUČKA as multi-talented is no exaggeration.

Since our first collaborations with KUČKA back in 2013, her career and formidable skills have gone from strength to strength. Her solo album 'Unconditional' was a tour de force of production and writing nuance. Collaborations with Grammy-winner Flume, Grammy-nominated Producer Andrei Eremin, A$AP Rocky, Cosmos Midnight and more.

Laura possesses a deep knowledge of both Ableton Live and Max For Live and has contributed numerous video tutorials showcasing her techniques to a number of modules within our Produce Music course.



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Flume – Smoke & Retribution feat. Vince Staples & Kučka


KUČKA – Divinity [Official Music Video]