Simon Cohen

In demand for his production work in the pop and hip-hop realms, Simon’s credits are an admirable list of amazing Australian artists including Spit SyndicateHorrorshowM-PhazesJessica MauboyASTAKilterJOYNicole Millar and Tucka. He mixed Will Sparks’ platinum-selling single “Ah Yeah So What”.

Simon has done a lot of vocal production including the No. 1 Hype Machine song “Shiner” by Indian Summer and One Day’s ARIA Top 10 debut album Mainline. He works very closely with Big Village on all of their hip hop artists including mixing the Daily Meds single “Behind The Radar”. He also worked with Guy Sebastian on his gold-selling single “Come Home With Me”.

Simon’s precise and detailed approach to vocal recordings has made him a sought-after producer for international artists. He worked with over numerous weeks on his solo album; and after working with Justin Bieber in Sydney, Simon was flown to Perth to continue engineering Bieber’s music. His specialty lies in consistently capturing the absolute best performance out of his clients, while maintaining a technically-savvy approach.

As well as being a guest lecturer face-to-face when he’s available, Simon Cohen has contributed recorded lectures and tutorials to Liveschool’s Mixing & Mastering course, which can be taken either as a standalone course, or as a module included within our Produce Music course.




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