Having literally grown up amongst synths and sonic machinery, working from a young age at his dad’s synth repair shop followed by years of jazz-training, Thom’s knowledge is almost peerless and his achievements budded early.

Long-time tour engineer for Canyons (Modular Recordings) Thom is the one behind their considerable Ableton Live setup, some of the live instrumentation, and huge video projections running via Ableton and Max For Live.

His main project is a duo by the name of Alba. They have clocked up remixes for Snake Hips, Elizabeth Rose, had their own tunes remixed by Jimmy Edgar, Rick Wade and played support for Four Tet and Mount Kimbie. Alba call  Astral People’s wax imprint Plastic World home, alongside Retiree, Donny Benet, GL and Cassius Select .

Recently, Thom has stepped out on his own under the guise of Cop Envy, an outlet for his more hard-hitting, percussive club tracks, releasing his debut Cop Envy EP, out now through Black Opal - plus another solo side-project as Sean Thomas on OTIS records.


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Alba – Knokke [Plastic World]