The Essentials of Music Theory For Modern Electronic Music Production

Beginners often avoid music theory for its seeming complexity, but it is actually easy when shown correctly. It opens up a huge array of powerful creative assets and makes the writing process faster, more informed and with deeper interest for your listeners.

Take the guesswork out of making music and understand what other producers are doing in their work.

Using easy-to-understand language and focusing on key elements for electronic music production, this course starts with the absolute basics and progresses through to using advanced concepts and powerful creative techniques.



Core Liveschool Features


- Learn from Australia’s #1 artists, certified trainers and the people making it happen.

- Work on real world projects with a focus on developing your creative portfolio & Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

- Access a private online community of like-minded music producers to share ideas, inspiration, give feedback & propel each other forward.


What You Will Learn


- How to write parts that work together.

- The essential electronic music theory concepts, with no irrelevant theory.

- How to write chord progressions, basslines, melodic lead-lines and harmonic structures.

- Strategies to write music from any start point: Beats, basslines, chords or melody.

- Examples of modern styles from current tracks and famous classics.

- Complex musical techniques in simple language.


Location Ableton Liveschool, Kings Cross, Sydney


Duration 4 Weeks (+1 Month Trainer Support)


- 6 hours of study per week.
- 3hrs of face-to-face training & a recommended 3hrs to work on projects in your own time with custom made materials and student support.
- Total of 24hrs (12hrs of face-to-face & 12hrs at home).
- Perfectly crafted online videos, delivered at the right time to help fast-track your progress.
- Full course notes handed out every session.


Class Size Minimum 4, Maximum 8


Co-Developed by Yama Indra, Michael Di Francesco & Adam Maggs


Student Support & Feedback:

- Trainer feedback available during every session.
1 FREE one-on-one 30 minute catchup sessions available with our student support team. We recommend this be used after you have completed your study as a feedback session on your major project or to consolidate any small questions you have on the topics covered during the course.


All trainers are music industry professionals and have been selected for their knowledge of Ableton Live, the creative process & communication skills.


What skills or experience are needed to do this course?

The Focus series is designed for in-depth exploration beyond our Essential Skills courses.

You can attend this course if you fit one of the 3 following options:


Option 1. You already have the following skills:

- Operational knowledge of Ableton Live

- Knowledge of basic MIDI programming


Option 2. You have attended one of the following courses:

- Begin

- Create & Destroy


Option 3. You book in for a 3 hour Private Tuition session ($288)


Can I bring my own laptop?

- Yes you can. For most people we provide all the equipment (headphones, controllers, laptops), but if you have questions specific to your gear, then it’s often best to bring it in.


Do I have to buy anything before doing this course?

- No. This course is a great way to try everything before you buy anything. If you don’t already own Ableton Live, you can download a Free 30-day Trial here, but no, you don’t have to buy anything.


How many people in the course?

8 people maximum, including you, strikes the right balance between working directly with the artists and collaborating with others at your level.


What if the others are at a different skill level than me?

Each course is completely customised to each clients level, so you will work on tasks challenging enough to take you specifically to your next level.


What if my circumstances change and I can’t attend one or more sessions?

After booking your course you are responsible for attending all dates and we do not refund, nor accept any liability for your loss of course time. Sorry, but that’s the trade-off for the small class sizes. Alternatively, you are able to transfer your booking to another date or course if you contact us 1 month before the course begins. This gives us enough time to fairly try and fill the seat.


If you miss a class/es during your course we have three make-up options available to you, subject to availability:

1) Waiting list for a future session with an available seat. With a class size of 8 people, spare seats are rare, but if it becomes available you can sit this session for free.

2) A 30 minute one-on-one session with our student support team for free. In this time you will be given the class notes, exercises and lead through the main concepts covered in class. This alongside the online course videos should give you the tools you need to revise before the next class.

3) Private tuition session. Dates and times are flexible, and pricing is available here >>