Produce Music is an in-depth electronic music production training program developed by ARIA Award-winning artists, Ableton Certified Trainers and producers of iTunes #1 Albums and Beatport chart-topping tracks.

You learn directly from a range of trainers hand-picked for their knowledge and proven successful techniques currently advancing our music culture locally and internationally - trainers who guide you through face-to-face classes, your personal music projects and provide ongoing support.

This course is taught entirely through Ableton Live and you learn every aspect of this deeply creative software along the way. Most importantly this course is about making music – creating your own styles, genres & niches. Be what happens next.



To produce your own music. By the end of this program you will have a completed creative portfolio and electronic press kit including: – Completed original tracks – Remixes – Edits – Soundtrack / video work – Promo mixes, and more.


What you will learn

- Creative use of the features and workflows of Ableton Live 9

- How to compose and produce your own release-ready tracks.

- Creative strategies and step-by-step techniques for remixing and re-editing in Live.

- Live shows, Dj sets, and promo mixes.

- Perfect warping, sound quality control and vocal acapella treatment.

- Chord progressions, basslines, melodic lead-lines and harmonic structures.

- How to use all instruments of Ableton Suite 9 and the special tricks they’re designed for.

- How to develop a track, creating impactful build ups, breakdowns and drops.

- Techniques for moving beyond loops and turning good sections into full tracks.

- How to make your tracks sound professional, punchy and loud.

- How to properly prepare your tracks for the mastering stage and how to self master when necessary.


Modules Included

All modules below link to their corresponding modules:

1. Begin
2. Create & Destroy
3. Sound Design & Synthesis with Ableton Live 9
4. Music Theory for Electronic Music Production
5. Arrangements: Structure & Flow
6. Mixing & Mastering @ Liveschool & Studios 301


Course Structure

The Produce Music modules is one month of face-to-face training followed by a one month creative break. This cycle repeats as students progress through each module. During your creative breaks, you have access to on-call student support, a wealth of online videos and the ability to schedule a private 30 minute sessions with our student support team per module. Our Produce Music program includes:

- 6 modules and 6 creative breaks

- 46 weeks total

- 26 studio sessions

- 3 hours per in-class session

- A recommended 3 hours of outside creative project time per week.



- Save up to 40% on Ableton Live software

- An extensive collection of printed notes

- Perfectly crafted online videos, delivered at the right time to help fast-track your progress.

- Rare synths and meticulously-sampled instruments created exclusively for our students

- Ongoing trainer support via email, face-to-face, phone or Skype.

- Certificate of completion

Location: Ableton Liveschool, Kings Cross, Sydney


Structure & Materials:

- 6 modules and 6 creative breaks
- 46 weeks total
- 26 studio sessions
- 3 hours per in-class session
- A recommended 3 hours of outside creative project time per week.
- Printed notes & Ableton exercises handed out every session.
- Excursion to FBi Radio as part of the Sound Design module.
- Perfectly crafted online videos, delivered at the right time to help fast-track your progress.

The Produce Music course is one month of face-to-face training followed by a one month creative break. This cycle repeats as students progress through each module.


Class Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 8


Trainers & Course Developers: 

The greatest part about delving so deep into music production with our ‘Produce Music’ program is that you get the opportunity to learn from the many established artists that we have as trainers and course developers here. These include,

Harley Streten / Michael Di Francesco / Elizabeth Rose / Yama Indra / George Nicholas / Adam Maggs / Anthony Garvin / Mitch Kenny / Francis Xavier / Sameer Sengupta / Thomas McAlister.


Student Support & Feedback:

- Trainer feedback available during every session.

- 1 FREE one-on-one 30 minute catchup sessions is available per module with our student support team. We recommend this be used after you have completed your study as a feedback session on your major project or to consolidate any small questions you have on the topics covered during the course.

- During your creative breaks, you have access to on-call/email student support and a wealth of online videos.

Call to discuss your personalised schedule and start date: 02 8065 6913 


How many people in the course?

There will be a maximum of 8 students (minimum 4).


Why this class size?

4 people is the minimum necessary for good collaboration between students, and 8 people is a comfortable maximum to ensure high level contact between you and the producers teaching the class.


Can I bring my own laptop?

Yes you can, or we can provide one for you if you need it.


What if others are at a different skill level than me?

We carefully construct each course to be customised to the level of each student, so you will work on tasks challenging enough to take you specifically to your next level.


What skills or experience do I need to have before taking this course?

None really. As long as you are comfortable with day-to-day computer skills (navigation, opening, saving, etc), everything else you need to know will be covered on the job.


Do I need to buy anything before I start the course?

It is recommended you own a copy of Ableton Live to successfully complete this course. All other equipment is provided for the course.

A Free 30 Day license of Ableton Live is available for first time users. Our students are eligible for a discount of up to 40% OFF regular Ableton Live pricing.


What happens if I don’t complete my final production projects on time?

During the course you are given creative projects to work on. These help you put your learning into action, while progressing your skills at a comfortable pace. If any of your productions aren’t complete by the due date, there is no penalty – the projects are about creativity and production quality. If you are falling behind for any reason, we can provide one-to-one training to help catch you back up.


What if my circumstances change and I can’t attend one or more sessions?

After booking your course you are responsible for attending all dates and we do not refund, nor accept any liability for your loss of course time. Sorry, but that’s the trade-off for the small class sizes. Alternatively, you are able to transfer your booking to another date or course if you contact us two months before the course begins. This gives us enough time to fairly try and fill the seat.

If you miss a class/es during your course we have three make-up options available to you, subject to availability:

  • Waiting list for a future session with an available seat. With a class size of 8 people, spare seats are rare, but if it becomes available you can sit this session for free.
  • 50% module booking. We offer a 50% re-sit discount to students wishing to re-take a complete module for further immersion. The 50% applies to complete modules regardless of how many sessions you retake, and for 2 or more sessions it is often more cost-effective to do this.
  • Private tuition session. Dates and times are flexible, and pricing is available here


Are Instalment Plans Available?

Instalment plans are available and we can get you started with a simple deposit followed by affordable monthly payments. To organise an Instalment plan that is right for you please call our studios on 02 8065 6913


Maintaining your Monthly Instalments?

If you expect you may not be able to maintain your instalment plan please call our studios and we can discuss the alternatives to keep you on track for your training, it is better to tell us early rather than late so that we can keep you developing as a producer.

If you wish to cancel your instalment schedule or defer your enrolment for Produce Music then Liveschool requires two months notice before your monthly instalments can stop. This gives you, the student, the freedom to defer or discontinue your study at any time, for whatever reason without being liable for the full course fee. It also provides Liveschool with enough time to hopefully fill your seat in our specialised modules.