Studios 301, Sydney (Manager)

Ableton Certified Trainer

As head of Studios 301, Australia's largest music studio complex, Anthony's favourite thing to do in his spare time is run Ableton out of his computer and into as many channels as possible on a massive Neve mixing console.

Writing electronic music and remixing bands and pop acts (under the name Dept.), his skills were honed by his time as a composer for television and advertising, as sound designer for the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and as mix engineer and remixer for countless Australian bands and DJ's. Anthony has put together remixes for artists including Wolf & Cub, Sneaky Sound System, the Jezabels and Sparkadia, and worked on mixes for Jagwar Ma, the Last Dinosaurs, Yolanda and the Purple Sneakers DJ's.

With so much of his time as manager at Studios 301 being spent working between producers, engineers, musicians and record labels to make sure recording and mastering sessions run like clockwork, Anthony is involved in every facet of the business of professional music creation.

He is one of the world's select few Ableton Certified Trainers, and his insights and knowledge of the music industry - both creative and professional - make Anthony a great asset to the stable of high quality trainers at Liveschool.

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